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Hazmat Software is a diversified technology company with leading positions in hazardous materials management and transportation technologies. Hazmat Software is the largest provider of Hazardous Materials Shipping Solutions in the U.S. With over 5000 customers using ShipEasy Platinum Web, XCE Hazmat Compliance Engine, HTS Enterprise and ShipEasy Platinum we are the industry leader.


Hazmat Software technology platforms are core elements of Hazmat Software innovation and springboards to meeting customer needs. In countless combinations, Hazmat Software technologies come together as core elements of innovative new products, making them simple to use, yet complex enough to help make the world smarter, healthier, safer and better.


Creating innovative products and services that respond to customer needs has always been a way of life at Hazmat Software. Since its foundation, Hazmat Software's culture has fostered creativity and given employees the freedom to take risks and try new ideas. This culture has led to a steady stream of products. With no boundaries to imagination and no barriers to cooperation, one good idea swiftly leads to another. So far there have been more than 4 innovative products that help make our world safer.